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buy a Gardener's Pouch.


The Gardener's Pouch was recently tested by the readers of the highly regarded magazine "Gardening How To" (we have to wait to announce the official rating until the  March/April edition is released). For now you can get a sneak peak at what they thought...

What "Gardening How To" testers said
about The Gardener's Pouch

“The Gardener’s Pouch made weeding and trimming so much easier because I didn’t have to go back to clean up. I liked being able to slide the pouch to the side so it wasn’t in my way when I bent over. The only weight is what you put into it, so it is easy to carry around. Kudos to the inventor! It holds so much! Thank you for making gardening chores less odious”
Jeanne P., Shrewsbury, MA

“This helps to keep all the products in one place while working in the garden so no need to run and look for something.”
– Robert K., Portage, MI

“Very comfortable to wear while using. Strong and easily adjustable straps will fit any body size, the zippers allow easy access to empty and clean. Nice product.” "
– Kelly R., Bend, OR

“Very convenient for carrying everything I need to tend my garden! Also great for taking weeds to trash in one easy step!”
– Margot T., Wellston, OH

“The thing I like about this product is the belt is long enough for a plus size person. That is something most products do not think about. It was handy to have the pockets for everything.”
– Elizabeth N., Altoona, AL


© 2006 Triple Z, Inc. All rights reserved.  The Gardener's Pouch is patent pending.