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buy a Gardener's Pouch.


Aired Aug. 24, 2008

"Designed and developed by a gardener, this oversized fanny pack features a large, zippered pouch in front, easy-access pockets on the sides and a holster for your pruners or cell phone. But, according to Paul, it's the pouch that makes this thing so perfect. Once you fill up the open pouch with sticks, spent flowers or weeds, simply unzip the flap and dump the contents right into the compost pile or trash."



This Old House
March 18, 2008

Hardware aisle on the This Old House

"Generally, I would scold people who
even entertain the thought of
wearing a pouch around their hips.

But I have to admit this
Gardener's Pouch from Triple Z Inc.
is pretty practical
(and actually not heinous)."



Gardening How To
March/April 2008



Atlanta Home Improvement
March 2008



January 2008



St. Louis Homes Magazine
January 2008



Gardening How To
January 2008




Seattle PI Newspaper
July 27, 2007

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July 2007

Triple Z president, Julie Fishman,
was recently interviewed for three
segments on SBTV.com



April 30, 2007



Back Home Magazine
March/April 2007



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Sept 2006


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Sept. 2006


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Oct. 2006


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Nov. 2006

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