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Visit www.muckbootsonline.com today to
buy a Gardener's Pouch.


I invented the Gardener's Pouch when a girlfriend asked me to solve her problem of dragging a plastic grocery store bag around as she pruned her roses. It turns out that you can use the Gardener's Pouch for that and so much more.


The Gardener's Pouch is designed to be a quality stylish product.  The materials were specially selected for look, feel, durability in the garden or plant environment, and for long term use.  It is currently being used by gardening hobbyists and professionals like greenhouse growers and florists.  If it has helped them imagine what it can do for you!


I am sure the Gardener's Pouch will make your routine gardening tasks easier.


Julie Fishman


Triple Z, Inc.


2006 Triple Z, Inc. All rights reserved.  The Gardener's Pouch is patent pending.