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Visit www.muckbootsonline.com today to
buy a Gardener's Pouch.

The Gardener's Pouch is a revolutionary product that makes routine gardening tasks easier.  It is ideal for weeding, deadheading, pruning flowers, collecting herbs and berries and so much more. 

No more dragging the trash can around or leaving messy piles to pick-up. You can even use the side pockets to hold tools or fresh cut flowers. When using the front zipper feature you can simply fill, empty and repeat!


Makes gardening easier

Tools and gardening items
  move with you

Minimizes clean-up

Convenient for weeding,
  hedge and flower
  clippings, collecting dead
  heads, herbs & berries


Front unzips for easy emptying

Lock-in-place zippers

Unique hands-free design

Holster and pockets for
clippers and tools

Ergonomic waist band system
  Pouch can be moved to any
  position around the waist

Sturdy, easy to clean materials


2006 Triple Z, Inc. All rights reserved.  The Gardener's Pouch is patent pending.